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Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret, Burlesque Style! - DVD - Pre-Owned

Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret, Burlesque Style! - DVD - Pre-Owned

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Yoga Booty Ballet Live: Cardio Cabaret, Burlesque Style! by Gillian Marloth & Teigh Mcdonough Review snips: I just received this workout in today and I have to say I LOVE IT! I just started using YBB workouts, and I was not sure if i would enjoy them. But i definately do. I am not sure if someone who is new to working out would find these easy to follow. I have been working out for several years and found the workout easy to follow. I was extremely challenged and after the second time using it, i felt more relaxed and was able to really get into it. When I was done,,,I was sweating and felt my body had received a great workout. I am not to into the beginning of the workouts with the floor part, but I have just been fast forwarding by it and start with the warm-up and then right into the workout. I have now purchased five of the YBB workouts and I love them all. I actually have my 15 year daughter trying them is alot of fun for us both. If you have never tried YBB, start with light @ easy as I did. It came as a two disc set with latin flavor and these two really helped me get into the YBB workouts. HAVE FUN! I just had a baby and got 3 herniated disc's because of it. I was stuck on a couch for 7months and got up to 220lbs when they got the pain management under control. I checked with my doctor and got the ok. Dont forget to talk to you doctor if your hurt everyones different. They are upbeat and suppostive. Takes a little to get used to the matra's but they are great for getting your mind in shape, in the game, and help you workout out more often. This disk I loved. I had to rewind alot to learn the moves and it wasn't until about the 5th time (i suck at danceing) did I learn them all. And I still had fun. Yes the girls are silly, positive, and upbeat. Yes at first I did feel silly trying to learn the moves but that goes away as you learn them. It shows you a move you do it a few times & they add to the end and start over from the time until its done.

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